Oddity Commodity

“Turn your oddity into your most valuable commodity”

In every single project, I come across, what I can only describe as awkward individuals, they can be challenging for management, as invariably they always have their unique way of getting the job done  or problem solving. I often see shortsighted managers, go the easy root and rid of them from their business strategy or label them as difficult and cast them, far too quickly in the ‘too hard basket’.

Whilst I do want things done yesterday and I move at a fast speed to achieve my objectives, I still subscribe to the ‘inspire’ rather than simply ‘rehire’ model in business. This is essentially because I have been told that I can have a short fuse and  have been known to react upon my gut, so as I get older, give people the opportunity to redeem themselves. Secondly, experience has taught me that in many occassions ‘oddities’ have been known to hold within them special knowledge on the business and handled correctly can be poised to be some of the MOST valuable members of your growth strategy.

Examples of this was a night club hostess that went on to be one of the most valuable  salespersons I have ever employed. A reservations gent, who’s obsessive compulsive nature, whilst a little worrying did the job incredibly well and looked after all the IT systems also and currently mentoring a mixologist with a incredible nack for numbers and percentages that will rival a chartered accountant. I see a promising F&B or even a finance director in him should he want to head in that direction.

People in your business are your greatest asset, they can honestly make or break the customer experience, they can make or break your business. I always urge owners to keep their eyes peeled for the tell signs of a square peg in a round limiting hole, give them room to explore and stretch. Note, if you expect more of people, trust me they will rise up to meet you, if you inspire and encourage them, they can often surprise you. These individuals, become some of your most loyal people, way beyond their employment and ambassadors like these attract more talent, so the circle continues…try it!

“Don’t rehire … Inspire” – Mario Armani